Antenna devices

Company T-CZ has a long tradition and expertise in the design and production of antennas and HF devices, particularly antennas for VHF/UHF frequency bands (27–1,000 MHz). T-CZ, a.s. has adopted and further developed original portfolio of antennas that have been designed and manufactured by TESLA Pardubice.


Antennas form part of deliveries of our projects and radio station systems, especially for railway applications. They are sold separately according to the customer’s choice to a greater extent. On the basis of an individual request, antennas can be adjusted (frequency bands, cable length, connector type, fastening, etc.), or a specific solution can be designed, e.g., an antenna set. The Company has available the technical expertise and adequate machinery. Company facilities comprise a test range for antenna measurements in a free space with minimum reflections and industrial interferences. This facility is also available for external customers as a service offering the VHF/UHF antennas, electromagnetic field, and radio interference measuring. The product portfolio of antennas is divided into several levels. Required parameters of the product must be specified and for certain types, necessary accessories must be ordered separately (brackets, antenna cords, etc.)..

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Overview of basic antenna product line


  • Portable – in a cord, suspension and miniature (miniflex) version for frequency bands of 40, 80,160, 300 and 450 MHz.
  • Vehicle – for radio stations, car radios, mobile radio telephones and civil radio stations (CB). They are manufactured for frequency bands of 27, 40, 80, 160, 300, 450 and 900 MHz.
  • Locomotive – specifically designed antennas for railway vehicles or other applications requiring climatic and mechanical resistance. They are manufactured for frequency ranges of 150, 450, and 900 MHz, with the possibility to integrate an active GPS antenna in the 900 MHz band.
  • Base – for radio communication applications (base, relay station, etc.). Manufactured base antennas are omnidirectional or with directional pattern and gain in frequency bands of 40, 80, 160, 300 and 450 MHz.
  • Log-periodical – special broad-band directional antennas covering the bands of 30 – 108 MHz and 100 – 500 MHz (aviation band I and II). These antennas have been designed for stationary use, and can be easily assembled and adapted for transport. Typical applications are in the field of tactical and aviation communication, or radio monitoring or radio jamming.
  • Special vehicle – broad-band vehicle antennas designed for the frequency band of 100 – 500 MHz with high power rating, intended especially for radio jamming devices.
  • Directional sectorial – appropriate for ADS-B application, completely developed and manufactured by T-CZ, gain of 11 dBi, available in small and large versions.


  • Duplexers enable the operation of several base radio stations with a single antenna system. They can also be used in mass networks. Duplexer systems are manufactured for frequency bands of 160, 300 and 450 MHz.
  • Vehicle duplexers – for merging a radio station (140 – 500 MHz) and a car radio (0 – 108 MHz) to common vehicle antenna.


  • Reflectometers, cavity resonators, hybrid circuits, duplexers, dividers, filters and power dummy loads. Construction elements for the creation of a duplexer system, or independent use, especially in base applications.