Radar Systems

Radar technology is one of T-CZ core business activities being extensively developed. In accordance with its tradition, the company continues in the activities of radar production that was established in former TESLA Pardubice state enterprise.

Products and services portfolio

Standardized products

Plenty of standardized products from antenna systems to software are results of the long history and development in the field of radiolocation where the T-CZ gain lots of experiences and now T-CZ may produce, deliver and install them.

Precision approach radars

Precision approach radars (PAR) are intended for the detection and displaying of aircraft at the stage of approaching the runway. These radars are used especially at military airfields as supportive means and enable safe controlling of landing aircraft to touch-down even in case of limited visibility.

ADS-B systems

The ADS-B system is used as a supplementary source of data on aircraft position for commonly used secondary radars or multilateration systems. Its function is based on airborne equipment which uses GPS for determination of aircraft own position, and subsequently automatically sends identification, coordination and other data to the control centre.

Monitoring systems

The SIMON monitoring system was developed for the purpose of monitoring activities in the 1030/1090 MHz band. Interrogations and reply concerning potential anomalies can be continuously monitored and evaluated, or further saved for the purpose of subsequent off-line analyses.

Turn-key solutions

T-CZ has extensive experience in system integration in airspace surveillance and air traffic control. We will be pleased to consult optimum system design and implement the delivery of special equipment and supportive parts, including project management, construction works, integration, commissioning, and technical support.