ADS-B systems

The ADS-B system is used as a supplementary data source for commonly used secondary radars or multilateration systems. Its function is based on airborne equipment which uses GPS for the determination of its own position, and subsequently automatically transmits position coordinates and other data to the control centre.

Advantages of using ADS-B

  • The ADS-B system is an invaluable aid for aircraft navigation in wide areas without radar coverage (vast non-settled areas, seas and oceans).
  • In areas with radar signal coverage, ADS-B provides backing up radar data in case of failure or planned maintenance of the radar equipment.
  • Another advantage of the ADS-B system insists in broadcasting the messages that include GPS based position of the aircraft. These messages can be received by other aircraft as well as by ground controllers. Such distribution of information increases awareness of air traffic participants about the overall situation.
  ADS-B series „T“