Precision approach radar RP-5GI

The RP-5GI precision approach radar operating in the X frequency band is a modernised radar system ensuring complete radar information necessary for the control of precise approach manoeuvres of all aircraft types.


The radar system consists of an antenna system installed on a circular pedestal, radar head electronics housed in the container or a building near the antenna system. Display consoles for operators are installed in the tower or in a control room. The modular design of the radar, featuring easy installation and meeting ICAO requirements, enables seamless integration of the radar system into existing structures of airport technical equipment. The digital processing of received signal uses modern Doppler methods. Detected targets are displayed on large-format LCD screens. The radar is equipped with an efficient BITE diagnostic system. The radar system is suitable for continuous operation and its modular and duplex architecture does not require the permanent presence of technical personnel. Radar data, including voice communication, are stored in large-capacity recording equipment based on a PC.

Main characteristics

  • Compact and highly efficient radar system
  • Modernised signal and radar data processing
  • Large-format display of radar data accompanied by displayed meteorological information
  • Robust antenna system structure proven in tough climatic conditions


Range0 to 20 NM
Elevation pattern-1° to +9°
Azimuth pattern-15° to +15°
Accuracy (RMS)
In range30 m +3% of the distance from the touchdown point
In azimuth0.6% of the distance of the aircraft from the antenna +10% of aircraft deviation from the course line, or 9 m (whichever of them is greater)
In elevation0.4 % of the distance of the aircraft from the antenna +10% of aircraft linear deviation from the selected glide path, or 6 m (whichever of them is greater)
In range120 m
In azimuth0 to 1.2°
In elevation0 to 0.6°
Detection probability> 90 % (@ RCS = 2 m2; PFA = 10-6)
Data update rate< 1 sec
Maximum number of targets100
Frequency range9150 – 9450 MHz
Typetwo antenna reflectors, mechanical scanning
Antenna beam width (az/el)0.65°/0.45°
Gain (az/el)40 dBi/38 dBi