Precision approach radar RP-6PA

The RP-6PA precision approach radar is equipped with the latest technologies. The radar provides comprehensive information necessary for precise control of all types of aircraft for landing – the information about accurate aircraft position, and current deviation from the required descent path in azimuth and elevation.


The system uses fully solid state technology and phase antenna arrays with electronically scanned beams. When the antenna is suitably located, the user can operate more runways according to ICAO requirements, with the time necessary for changing the landing direction shorter than 1 minute. The radar can be operated in very adverse climatic conditions. The digital processing of received signal uses modern Doppler methods. Detected targets are displayed on large-format screen. The radar is equipped with an efficient BITE diagnostic system. The radar system is suitable for continuous operation. Its duplicated architecture and modular design provide high reliability not requiring permanent presence of technical personnel. Radar data, including voice communication, are stored in a PC based, large-capacity recording device.

Main characteristics

  • Fully solid state technology
  • Antenna system with electronic scanning
  • Doubled configuration architecture
  • Modern radar data display software
  • The system has been designed and developed using state-of-the-art technologies
  • Modular design enabling modifications according to specific customer wishes


Range0 to 15 NM
Elevation pattern-1° to +7°
Azimuth pattern-10° to +10°
Accuracy (RMS)
In range30 m +3% of the distance from the touchdown point
In azimuth0.6% of the distance of the aircraft from the antenna +10% of aircraft deviation from the course line, or 9 m (whichever of them is greater)
In elevation0.4 % of the distance of the aircraft from the antenna +10% of aircraft linear deviation from selected glide slope, or 6 m (whichever of them is greater)
In range60 m
In azimuth0 to 1.2°
In elevation0 to 0.6°
Detection probability> 90 % (@ RCS = 2 m2; PFA = 10-6)
Data update rate1 sec
Maximum number of simultaneously processed targets100
Frequency range9100 – 9300 MHz
Type2× phased array antenna
Beam width (az/el)1.2°/0.6°
Gain (az/el)33 dBi/33 dBi