Radar system modernisation

Radar system modernisation is a special activity, where partial or overall radar system modernisation is carried out according to the customer’s requirements. In course of the modernisation process, obsolete radar blocks are replaced with new, modern units designed with start-of-the art technology utilization. As partial modernisation only addresses technical improvement of certain radar sub-system, such as displaying, signal processing or new SW implementation, overall modernisation affects all radar sub-systems.


Overall radar modernisation comprises a thorough refurbishment of antenna system and replacement of electronic units – transmitter, receiver, signal processor, control and diagnostics subsystems, as well as displaying and data recording units. The T-CZ can modernise both – older types of TESLA made radars (RP-5G, RL-64, RPL-4, RPL-5), and radars produced by different manufacturers. At the beginning, our team elaborates a modernisation project that has to be approved by the customer. The radar modernization process also included the delivery of new user documentation – operation and maintenance manuals.

T-CZ abilities to address the radar modernisation

  • Experienced and high quality team for modernisation projects execution
  • Own production of blocks intended for radar modernisation
  • International experience in the field of radar modernisation
  • Provision of comprehensive services in the field of radar modernisation – modernisation project – production of new system blocks – installation of new blocks in the radar – tests of the modernised radar