CAB Radio VS67

The VS67 locomotive set is a Czech product which enables communication in the railway digital GSM-R network. Depending on its configuration, the system is able to operate in control duplex networks in the 450 MHz frequency band according to UIC 751-3 and in simplex networks in the 150 MHz and 450 MHz frequency bands of specified European countries. The system may be equipped with GSM-P modules for voice and data communication in a public operator network. It is also equipped with a GPS module for time synchronisation and possible railway vehicle location applications.

Operating modes

GSM-R digital system

  • European interoperable network
  • Certification according to TSI CCS Class A
  • ASCI function
  • National function GSM-R STOP

GSM-Public digital system

  • Voice communication and GPRS data transmissions
  • GPS technology integration

450 MHz duplex analogue system

  • Control networks according to UIC 751-3
  • Remote STOP – train stopping in selected countries

450 MHz simplex analogue system

  • An open communication simplex network on UIC band channels. A modernised alternative of a simplex radio station enables programming of any channels with other user functions (CTCSS, selective option)

150 MHz simplex analogue system

  • A technological and control network operating in national communication systems within railway infrastructure operators
  • Option to supplement user channels or whole frequency tables for individual operators.
  • Remote STOP – train stopping in selected countries

Other applications

  • Interface – RS422, RS485, LAN, CAN, audio, for communication with other systems in the vehicle
  • Intercom – according to UIC 558/568, a connection to existing standardised communication system of a train set
  • Operating records – Train Borne Recorder housed in the vehicle


Owing to its modular design, the VS67 is fully configurable. This solution also enables the possibility to combine various T-CZ radio modules in order to meet specific communication requirements. Computer based open architecture of the radio station ensures easy technical support and offers future modifications with regard to the development of European railway systems concept.

Installation in a vehicle

  • Standard range of input voltage from 24 to 110 V DC with possible extension to 12 V DC
  • Adaptability of radio blocks location according to the driving vehicle layout
  • Installation in open frames, closed cabinets or 19” racks
  • Variable manner of MMI installation on the control panel
  • Resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMC)
  • Robust structure with high IP protection for operation on locomotives as standard
  • Modular architecture of the CAB radio based on individual self-contained blocks
  • Self-supporting antennas for respective systems in a configuration enabling independent operation
  • Structural parts and cabling compliant with fire protection requirements according to EN 45 545
  • Easy upgrade to the VS67 interoperable version using original blocks of older locomotive set assemblies
  • Easy maintenance and repairs based on hardware-independent blocks. The maintenance activity insisting in service replacement of the blocks can be subcontracted to external service organisation or technical departments of operators, who passed proper training at T-CZ.
  • Possibility of SW upgrading, provision of additional channels or functions, and complete modernisation in the production factory. Less complicated interventions can be performed directly on the vehicle by Company’s field service team