Evaluation and diagnostic equipment PSK 130 051

The PSK 130 051 evaluation and diagnostic device is intended for analysing and downloading data recorded on the TBR02 recorder. The device design is based on a portable computer equipped with the Windows 7 OS and installed TBPlayer application, which enables access to TBR02 and the data recorded on it. The TBPlayer application forms an integral part of the device.

Functions of the equipment

  • Displaying the list of records
  • Replaying and downloading the records
  • Multi-level securing of access to data saved on TBR02
  • Displaying GPS data (position and speed, if available) for individual records
  • Displaying GPS data on a map in the integrated window (if GPS data and internet connection are available)
  • Visualisation of audio recording course
  • Language versions (Czech, German, English, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian, and Slovak)
  • Displaying of a recorder system log
  • Change of the driving vehicle number for correct data administration