MRS system

The MRS radio system is a communication system enabling comprehensive connection of local radio networks from the position of a controller or local operator with simultaneous capability of remote control. The system operates in the 150 MHz band in the simplex mode.

Basic system functions

  • Communication of mobile means and other subscribers operating in individual radio networks of the railway station with a controller controlling the traffic along entire line, or with a station dispatcher
  • Remote control of local basic radio stations (radio points) from a controller’s remote console
  • Branching of the MRS system infrastructure
  • Monitoring and operating up to 5 channels (communication networks) on every local basic radio station
  • Entry to the selected communication network of the local basic radio station from the controller’s as well as station dispatcher’s console
  • Possibility to activate monitoring (listening-in) at the controller’s console
  • Transmission of a request for a call from a portable or vehicle radio station from the communication network of the local basic radio station to a controller’s console, including acknowledgment
  • Recording individual events of the system and displaying them on the controller’s console
  • Integrated automated diagnostics of the whole infrastructural system
  • Integration and use of existing and used mobile means of communications into the system at the level of VS vehicle radio stations, and portable Motorola radios, etc.


Radio station control

Control of partial basic radio points

Icon used

MDC 1200, FFSK 1200 / 1800 Hz, DTMF, Tones: A – 1850 Hz, B – 1950 Hz, C – 2160 Hz CTCSS

System capacity

6 lines with 15 radio points per line