TRS system

The TRS line radio system is a communication system interconnected with a vehicle safety system and the line operation control. The system ensures duplex connection between the engine driver, a station dispatcher and other persons involved in operation. The TRS system, working in the 450 MHz band, complies with the UIC 751-3 recommendations. It is operated along approximately 5,000 km of railways within the Czech Republic.

Basic characteristics

  • Voice communication between the controller, station dispatcher, and engine driver
  • Communication in the 450 MHz band at a pre-selected frequency quad consisting of A, B, C and D frequencies, where A, B, and C are transmission frequencies of basic radio stations and D is a vehicle radio station transmission frequency
  • FFSK modulation for the transmission of telegrams and other digital and diagnostic information
  • Auto-diagnostics of the whole system

Basic functions

  • General selection of a controller or a station dispatcher for all mobile devices
  • Emergency calls
  • Identification transmission (a 6-digit train number)
  • Selective locomotive calls (by means of a train number)
  • Transmission of routine telegrams (command – report)
  • Remote addressed STOP (by means of a train number)
  • General STOP (stopping all trains on the line)

Radio station parameters

HF signals450 MHZ
Operating modeDuplex
Output power6 W/1.5 W/0.6 W
Receiver sensitivity< 1μV
Modulation16 F3
MTBF15,000 hours